14 Days Morocco Fossil Tours

Morocco Fossil Tours

We know that many tourists want to travel to Morocco for many reasons. Most people come to Morocco to enjoy the sun and take advantage of the magnificent beaches. Morocco is very appealing to fossil collectors and geologists as it’s one of the most geo-diverse nations.

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14 Days Morocco Fossil Tour

14 Days Morocco Fossil Tour. Paleo Morocco Tours offers best Morocco Tours and a unique blend of adventure tours, education, and cultural immersion. Joining our team you will have chance to enjoy the hunting of Morocco fossil. During your fossil Morocco Tour you will  explore with professional team all the fossils of Morocco. such as Morocco mineral and You will visit the site of black Orthoceras, Beni Zouli, and visit Ordovician area in Jbel Tiskaouine. And after that you will go to dig for fish crocodiles and spinosaurus bones and teeth in Kem kem site. Your Morocco fossil tour will not include only the fossils but you will enjoy camel ride in Sahara Desert and exploring the historical sights of Morocco. Contact us to customize you the best tours and enjoying your Morocco Travel.

14 Days Tour: Fossils And History

14 Days Morocco Fossil Tour: Every itinerary is created by  Paleo Morocco Tours Expert based on your specifications. With their expert planning and first-hand, local knowledge they make sure every detail is looked after, while you get to enjoy a personalized trip to Morocco.

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We will leave Marrakesh toward Sidi Rahal’s Mine which contains Quartz chalcedonies, Amethyst, Agate. Picnic in the road then cross the High Atlas Mountain to Ouarzazate and night accommodation in Ouarzazate

Departure at morning from Ouarzazate to an Ordovician area ( where you will see trilobites) in Beni Zoli, then visit Silurian area where black Orthoceras found. Overnight in Alnif.

Leave Merzouga and drive to north of Merzouga where we will collect black Devonian Pyritised Goniatites in Azourz, then visit area trilobites in Tisket place, at afternoon collect sand roses and also bites of bones vertebras. Evening back to hotel in Merzouga

We drive to Taouz and visit the area of Kem kem which is rich in fish crocodiles and spinosaurus bones and teeth then pass to Boutariyt and gather Echinoderms, next visit an old mine of filon 12 which known by its Vanadinites quartz and goethite, next visit old laid mine in Mifis and after that back to hotel in Merzouga at evening.

After breakfast we drive to Messeci and visit Lalla Mimouna area where you will have chance to collect Devonian trilobites, next drive to Jbel Mdaouar and gather Devonian goniatites. Afterwards, we drive to Merzouga and spend night in hotel near dunes.

Drive at morning from Alnif to visit where all kinds of Devonian trilobites lived together in Issoumoure. Next drive to Atchana to see another site of Devonian trilobites and then head to Lakrabis to gather Ammonites, then drive to hotel in Mharch’s Oasis.

At morning leave Alnif and drive to Cambrian site where you will see yellowish trilobites. Afterward, visit Ordovician area in Jbel Tiskaouine rich in Calymenes and Flexycalymenes. Then back to Alnif.

Leave merzouga and drive to Hamarlaghdad area where you can collect Devonian formation rich in Corals, Bivaves, Brachiopods, Speripheres, Trilobites…then we drive again to Jbel Boutchrafine and gather rolled trilobites, and then visit the Crinoids area and after drive to Erfoud and visit factories where trilobites cleaning and all big blocs are cut and made table tops, book ends and many decorative items. Overnight in Erfoud.

We leave Erfoud and drive to Midelt by passing through Ziz Valley and visit Echinoderms from Cretacious, Cidaris, then we will stop in Ziz Gorge and collect Jurassic Brachiopods and bivalves. Afterwards, drive to Midelt where we will spend night in hotel.

After breakfast in hotel we will drive to visit an old mine in Mibladan rich in Cerusite Barythe and Vanadinite but is difficult to find because it is very deep and dangerous digging. next we will drive again to visit another old mine in Ahouli and we will have lunch there, after go to Sidi Ayad and collect Azurites and Malachites before back to hotel in Midelt city.

We will leave Midelt after breakfast and drive to Ouarzazate by passing through the two Gorges ( Todgha Gorge and Dades Gorge) and then accommodation night in Ouarzazate.

During this journey we will visit Dinosaur foot prints in Azilal and we will have a break for lunch there then visit waterfalls in Ouzoud and after Ouzoud Waterfall drive to Marrakech and overnight over there in Marrakech.

Free day in Marrakech and it is an occasion to discover the charming and magic , historic monuments of Marrakech.

Depends your time flight. We will transfer you to the airport.