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Paleo Morocco Tours is a small tour company company  based in Morocco. The company created by 2 berber brothers named Ammou And Hmad. We grew and in a small village in Sahara Desert of Morocco. Every one of us worked in different domain such as Hmad specialized in history and culture, and Ammou specialized in geology and fossil. After our experience in this two domains we thought to create this company based in geology and history in Morocco.

Our Company Paleo Morocco Tours provides family tours, student tours and individualized tours. It provides tours for fossil collectors, hunters, geologists, palaeontologists etc.Morocco is one of the most exotic travel destinations, made even more romantic by the sensuous mud and clay architecture of the Kasbahs, the ambiance of medieval cities like Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes and Rabat, leaving you spellbound by the mystical landscapes of the Sahara. Our goal always is to satisfy our clients.. 

Our vision

Paleo Morocco Tours wants to give to travlers preferable holiday tours with opulence, covering topics such as culture, history, ancient architectures, geological and paleontological fields of Morocco. We do the best tours in Morocco

Our mession

We are a key of your tour in Morocco, and leader in the creation of enriching travel experiences that enhance your lives by enlightening your knowledge and achieving your dreams in our country. Our Best Tours in Morocco will be your memory of your life

Why We Customize Tours

At Paleo Morocco Tours, we are customizing Tours and setting a new standard. We believe that traveling should always be direct and have the least time spent on our country with more time at the destinations you wish to see. the best tours is with our team

Best Distinations

We provide More than 99 tours around Morocco. Our stuff meet you where ever in Morocco


Best Tour Guides

Our local tour guides will take you to explore all the sightseens of Morocco


Best Morocco Activities

Morocco’s warm climate throughout the year and variety of landscapes make it a great


Geological Tours

Morocco is very appealing to fossil collectors and geologists as it’s one of the most geo-diverse nations.

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