Tangier City

Tangier came under the successive sway of the Almoravides and Almohades, after which the city fell under the influence of the Tunisian Hafsid dynasty before passing into the hands of the Merenids. By the 14th century, Tangier became a major Mediterranean port frequented by European trading vessels bringing cloth, spices, metals, and hunting birds in exchange for leather, wool, carpets, cereals, and sugar. After an unsuccessful attempt to seize Tangier in 1437, the Portuguese finally conquered and occupied the city in 1471, converting the great mosque into a cathedral. For nearly three centuries, the town was passed back and forth between the Spanish, Portuguese, and finally the English, when it was given to Charles II as part of the dowry from Catherine of Braganza.

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Sahara Desert Tours From Tangier

Tangier is one of the major Moroccan cities. It’s a big city that has a rich history and culture. Tangier is the gateway of two continents, Africa and Europe. It’s one of the cities that everyone has to visit. But, staying in Tangier alone wouldn’t be called traveling to Morocco. That’s why our company providing tours from Tangier  to all Morocco destinations. There are many highlights that you can see such as the imperial cities Fes, Meknes, Rabat, and Marrakech; the Sahara; the Blue City; Essaouira, and more. There are also many interesting Unesco world heritage sites. Morocco has plenty things to see.

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