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Morocco vacations are always an ideal for any sort of traveler. The country has something to offer to its visitors. What is special about a Morocco vacation is that you can have the best of both worlds- the historic, ancient one, side by side with a modern, cosmopolitan one. You don’t have to travel far to get your fill of the past and present as almost each town has an old section, called the medina, and a new section. From lazing around the beach to exploring the massive expanse of the Sahara and fulfilling your shopping whims, Morocco has definitely a treasure or two for you to discover. Our team can tour you in Morocco and show you all what hidden Morocco.

Morocco Fossil Tours

 Morocco is one of the best travel destinations, visited mostly for its rich culture,  architecture, and ancient history. Morocco is not just home to the nomadic Berber people. It is also home to numerous fossil deposits, some of which date to the pre-Cambrian period.

Fossil In Morocco

Are you a hunter or a geologist and looking for the best place where to find fossil?. Paleo Morocco Tours could lead you to the best geological and fossil sights in Morocco Where you can achieve your dream.

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Morocco is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world and its important cities that have left a significant historical imprint are Four cities known as the imperial cities, and were the capital cities at different era in its history. A trip of each means delving deep into the rich story of this country over the past few centuries. And, naturally, they’re also the most beautiful cities in Morocco.

Day Trips In Morocco

Where we customizing day trips in Morocco?. Paleo Morocco Tours offers day trips from Casabalanca city, Fez city, Marrakesh city, and Tangier city.
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Day Trips From Marrakech

Paleo Morocco Tours offers the best Marrakech day trips and excursions to high Atlas Mountain, Ourika Valley, Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou, Essaouira & Ouzoud Waterfalls.

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Morocco Day Trips From Fes

You Can book your Day trips from Fes with Paleo Morocco Tours To various Cities such as Meknes, Volubilis Roman ruins, Ifrane and Azrou, they are very beautiful cities

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Day Trips From Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city with a population of almost 4 million inhabitants and also has the largest artificial port Morocco, although it has no ferry service of any kind.

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Day Trips From Tangier

Day Trip From Tangier offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy Rif Mountains and experience the real Moroccan hospitality. The day trip from Tangier is popular distination

Places To Visit In Morocco


Rabat City

The city of Rabat has exotic gardens and interesting museums displaying the Roman ruins. Rabat, with its city gates, magnificent mosques, small back streets, and souks, fascinates any visitor.



Chefchaouen City

Nestled in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is an enchanting town with a history that adds to its allure. Founded in the 15th century by Moorish refugees fleeing Spain, Chefchaouen has retained much of its Andalusian influence,



Often referred to as Morocco’s spiritual and cultural heart, Fez is a city with a storied past that continues to thrive today. Its history dates to the 8th century when it was founded as Morocco’s first capital. Fez’s appeal lies in its UNESCO-listed


Marrakech City

Marrakech Founded around 1062 by the Almoravids, Marrakech is one of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities, along with Méknes, Fes and Rabat. It would go on to become the capital of the Almohad caliphate in the 12th century.


Essaouira City

Essaouira, with its captivating history dating back to the 18th century, is a coastal gem on Morocco’s Atlantic shore. Its UNESCO-listed medina, characterized by blue and white buildings and winding streets, exudes old-world charm.


Merzouga Sahara Desert

No trip to Morocco is complete without venturing into the Sahara Desert. Here, you can embark on camel treks, witness the mesmerizing sand dunes, and spend a magical night in a desert camp under the starry sky


Tangier City

Tangier came under the successive sway of the Almoravides and Almohades, after which the city fell under the influence of the Tunisian Hafsid dynasty before passing into the hands of the Merenids.


Agadir City

Agadir is considered the regional capital of Morocco and lies to the south of the Atlas Mountains. It is the shortened version of the Berber word “Agadir n Irir” which means, the fortified granary.


Meknes City

The city of Meknes has an unforgettable and easy-going medieval ambience. In addition, Meknes has several palaces, spectacular mosques and madrassas behind its fortified walls that feature many grand entrances

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