Our Day Trips From Fez

Day Trips From Fez. Fez is one of the imperial cities in Morocco and has served as the country’s capital throughout its history. It was founded in 789 by the first  the Idrisid dynasty. although many of its most famous landmarks date back to the 13th and 14th centuries. when the city reached the height of its influence during the rule of the Marinids.

Today, it is an authentic cities in Morocco, known around the world as a center for traditional artists and artisans. Fez is divided into three sections:  medina, Fes el-Bali; Fes el-Jedid. It built to accommodate the city’s expanding population in the 13th century. and the contemporary Ville Nouvelle quarter. Here are day trips to do from this fascinating city Blue city chefchaouen or Meknes Via volubilis romain ruins.

Day Trip To Meknes via Volubilis

Visit Roman ruins of Volubilis which is the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in the kingdom. you will visit also Meknes which one of the imperial cities of Morocco.

Day Trips From Fez
Day Trips From Fez

One Day To Chefchaouen

The  Day Trip From Fez starts around 8:30 am. It is among the best tourist destination in Morocco. Chefchaouen situated in the Rif Mountains nearby Tangier city in the north of the country.

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