Day trip from Marrakesh to Ourika Valley

Book your Day trip from Marrakesh to Ourika valley. The Valley Of Ourika is a valley in the Moroccan High Atlas along the Ourika River. It is located around 30 km from Marrakech, and is essentially populated by Imazighen speaking Shilha. Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered a relatively well-preserved valley, by its very nature a and traditional mountain way of life.

Monuments and touristic sites


Setti-Fatma is the last small town (or douar) which is accessible by the paved route. It is the departure point for many excursions to the nearby mountains. The most prized and most easy hike consists of mounting the length of a mountain torrent in order to discover the cascades.


It is a little village (or douar) without great architectural interest. It is however the center of the weekly traditional market (or souk), taking place every Monday (or tnine in Arabic).

marrakesh day trip to ourika valley

Day Trip To Ourika

Your day trip to Ourika  starts from your hotel/riad in Marrakesh towards Ourika valley. At 8.00 am in the morning we will leave Marrakesh and drive through El Haouz Plain. Along the road you will discover many beautiful traditional Berber villages along the valley. Then we will drive to Ourikka valley in the High Atlas. The road continues along the Ourikka River, where the water is plentiful throughout the year.

At the end of the destination we will visit the village of Setti Fatma which is a typical Berber village and known for their hospitality and their lifestyle. Setti Fatma is an altitude of 1500 m. and a short walk and a bit of a scramble above the village has 7 waterfalls and is a wonderful place to enjoy.

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